Thursday, 28 December 2017

Contemporary "Spirituality"

At first when I saw this article title my interest was peaked. It's very rare to see Buddhism receiving any criticism in the western media, as it is the favoured religion of Occidental consumers. But as I read on it became clear that this fellow has his own agenda.

Why I don't dig Buddhism

The killer lines come here: "To me, 'spiritual' means life-embracing, and so a path that turns away from aspects of life as essential as sexual love and parenthood is not spiritual but anti-spiritual."

Dwell on that for a moment. In ages past, the spiritual life signified a noble effort at transcendental self-overcoming that sought to deny the pull of ephemeral worldly baubles. Or as Bazompora put it on this blog some time ago: From the dawn of civilisations, man dreamt of casting off his flesh and ascending from the physical world; until the modern sham of "life is great/wonderful/..."  with its "child-friendly" blinders upon education, the average man was capable of judging this world for something not worth attaching to.

In this age, for many, Spirituality seems to have reversed its meaning and now represents shameless indulgence of the self and ego.

I'm spiritual, but not religious......will be the tagline for the end of the Ages.