Wednesday, 12 April 2017

From AN to Alternative-Right?

A friend writes to me:

"I've noticed that in the Venn diagram of subcultures, AN and Alt-Right have overlapped for awhile, but it seems like more and more pessimistic/AN people are moving in that direction."

Do you agree? If so, why might this be the case? Are some people suddenly dreading the thought of being part of a declining culture that may find itself outnumbered by more traditional cultures who still place a heavy emphasis on propagation and expansion?

All thoughts welcome. (Well, some anyway).


In other news, one of my favourite bloggers is active again: Louie over on 'Everything is Pointless'. He also has a new podcast show up and running. For some reason, I've having trouble embedding the addresses on the blog-list, but he can be found at


I encourage everyone to take a look!


  1. Gives new meaning to "In a real Fourth Reich you'll be the first to go"

  2. Rafael Tages, AKA Shadow, deleted his blog. He still has his Youtube channel sorensofos, all Portuguese now. He's all misogynistic rage now. Looks like losing his girlfriend has really affected him.

  3. The Alt-Right is antithetical to antinatalism because it's based on racist pronatalism. They want the white race to survive, but most antinatalists are white. This means antinatalism has a dysgenic effect. They will embrace eugenics before antinatalism, gotta get rid of the inferior races first.

  4. Fortunately, most of the ANs that I interact with loathe the alt-right, as do I.

    The bigotry of the alt-right is just one more reason not to have kids. Who would want to bring children into such a hateful world?

  5. AN without some form of natalism is misguided wishful thinking. Africa, South America or Asia will sweep away all traces of AN except the sustainability arguments which in themselves are indicative of just lack of options, not a rational choice.
    So eugenics is a requirement to create a spiritual race that can even begin to talk about AN on a large scale or to give rise to an individual capable of creating a virus or other weapon. If we lose the civilization we will greatly prolong the suffering on the planet.

  6. It's more a case of the "alt-right" getting more popular than anything else. Hardly surprising it's attracted a few of the bitterer elements.

    It does seem odd to me, though, because all political agendas are pro-people. From socialist utopias to racial purity, it's all about being optimistic about some kind of imaginary future. I can only suppose that there are AN's who legitimately think some sort of AN programme can be implemented. If you already think there is one plan that can "save" humanity, it doesn't matter what that plan is.

    AN on a personal level makes sense, and there's nothing wrong with propagating it if you feel like. As some kind of ultimate solution, though, forget it. May as well barrack for white supremacy or red revolution.

  7. Can't Bewilder the Wilders22 April 2017 at 14:06


    Very interesting that you bring this up. I have been recently thinking about this as well. I am still antinatalist (for the long run), but I currently do not see this as a priority right now.

    "Do you agree? If so, why might this be the case? Are some people suddenly dreading the thought of being part of a declining culture that may find itself outnumbered by more traditional cultures who still place a heavy emphasis on propagation and expansion?"


    I switched my vote to Geert Wilders in the last elections (the first time I ever voted for Wilders), which I something I never thought I would do. I find it a very troubling thought that in the next century, Islam will grow to be one-third of the world's population (3 billion people); and that the EU is doing absolutely nothing to stop millions of muslims from coming to Europe per year. Until Islam is ERADICATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH, advocating antinatalism for Western countries is counterproductive.

    - Demographic Time-Bomb

    - Defend our freedom

    (With that said, I am not a part of the "alt-right", because the "alt-right" is all about scapegoating Jews and worshiping the Third Reich.)

  8. The Rainbow Death22 April 2017 at 14:45

    “Long, long ago, it is said, there was a mighty civilization, where we now sit.
    Beneath our feet, throughout this forest, lay an endless glory of buildings, the likes of which we have never seen.

    It was a place of miracles, where a man might live past eighty years, enjoying riches beyond imagining. There was food, all year round. Heat without fire. Great distances could be traveled without walking.
    Men could speak to other men, over vast distances. The image of their faces could be seen, by others, over many leagues.”

    The assembled children, and a few old women, stared at the shaman, wide-eyed, as they always did, when he told this tale, although he had told it many times before. As had shamans before him, too. For with each new year, there would be born a few new children, and so, in its time, the tale would be retold, that all should know of it.

    “Men lived in towers that reached the sky. Their work was easy, and light. They had no need to hunt, no need to sow. No need to gather fuel, and no need to war.
    The women walked as men, and did not toil, as our women toil. The children walked as men, and did not sit, as we do, around fires, in the night. For there was light, that came through iron strings, that turned night into day.”

    A gasp of perennial astonishment rippled among the audience, as they tried, and failed, to imagine this mystery.

    “Men flew like birds, through the sky,” continued the shaman. “Gleaming birds, as big as a whale. A time of wonder. A time of magic.
    With such power in their grasp, those people should still be here now. That they are not, has puzzled our tribe, for generations. For their tribe was not like ours, as we are not like them.
    There were a few, it is said, that were as we are. Light of skin, with faces similar to our own. But alongside these, were a multitude of different peoples, with different ways, and different appearances. It is uncertain how this came to be. As many things remain unclear, after so much time has passed.”

    A child squalled, briefly, as its mother shifted her position. The wind sent icy fingers through the trees. Shadows of orange and yellow played over the earnest faces, young and old, alike.

    “What is not known, is the manner of their passing. With so much, what could have happened? Our wisest men have pondered this, for generations. How Gods could vanish, leaving so few remains upon our lands. This, we may never know…”

  9. The Rainbow Death22 April 2017 at 14:45

    The shaman stopped, suddenly, his mouth still open, and it felt to him as if in all these years of telling, and retelling The Legend, that he had been deaf, dumb and blind. His eyes flared wide, his mouth snapped shut, and he leaped to his feet as if his years were but months. He cast his eyes around, from face to face, his breathing quickened. He raised his arms and spoke in a voice never heard before…

    “The Death claimed the Gods. The Rainbow Death! Children given the power of men. Women too. The power of men removed from men. Men loved other men, and were given power for this. Women loved other women, and were given power for this. Boys taught to love other boys and be rewarded for this. Girls too.
    The ancient laws all overturned, and made punishable.
    Enemies imported and given power over men.
    Enemies placed above the men.
    None of them wanting, any more, to hunt, build, forage or cultivate. All expecting to live without making it so. Ahhh…”

    The shaman stopped, and there was silence. The scene lay frozen, but for the flickering shadows cast by the central fire.

    The silence deepened, as the shaman saw his vision, and grasped for understanding. Finally he spoke, his voice the voice of reason, once more.

    “They died because they did not care about living. Life, to them, became so lacking in value, that they simply stopped living.”

    He stopped, again, as he decided what he must do, with this new revelation.
    Here was nothing to be revered and retold. This was ugliness beyond ugly. There was no good in it.
    It was time to let the age of wonder go. This time, forever.
    With great sadness, and great resolve, he gathered himself and spoke one last time.

    “The Gods were not Gods at all. They were less than us. They were finished with living, long before they no longer lived. They fell from The Way, and did not care. And so they died.
    This, I know, is the way of it, for I have seen it, finally.
    And so, each one of us, may give these ghosts their final rest.
    By never speaking of them again.
    Our lives are hard, and our rewards are few. We must toil to live, and live to toil.
    Yet in this, we are richer, by far, than the ancients. For we know this thing, while they allowed themselves to forget.
    So, henceforth, we will tell this tale no more. We will begin history again, and honour our own accomplishments. For it is certain, that none of the wonders the ancients possessed, could prevent their complete extinction.”

    He smiled at each face, in turn, moving slowly around the circle. Nodding to each. Taking his time.

    “This, and only this, is what is important,” he finished. “Our tribe. Our children. Our circle. Our fire.”

  10. Many people are attracted to strange beliefs for their strangeness and lack of social acceptability, regardless of their truth.

    As an antinatalist, I believe antinatalism to be true, but I am well aware of its fringe position. It is as bizarre and unusual, to most people at least, as flat-earthery, satan worship, and Nazism.

    Certain people like to adopt multiple fringe ideas.They collect them, not caring about their truth. Perhaps they like to be socially unacceptable.

  11. Señor Karl,
    Good to hear from you. I am sorry but here in Paraguay we are very far from the enlightening discussions you have there. Can you tell me what alternative right is? Stay safe. Raúl

    1. Buncha dolts who make rambling posts about penis size inversely correlating to IQ or gyms being "faggy" that other easily impressed dolts like to drool over due to the bad-boy appeal of fascism

  12. Raul, good to hear from you, man. Hope you're well. Here's a brief intro:

  13. Mr.Karl,
    Thank you for your response. I will read the intro. Please stay well. Raúl

  14. whites, blacks, or any race, the life sucks.
    suffering, pain, pointlessness of life applies to every human being. there is no alternative to antinatalism / efilism, period!