Monday, 16 November 2015

We will always be ruled by Thugs

By definition, those who enter politics are almost invariably extroverted, confident and determined. They have a vision of the world and they are dedicated to foisting it on you. You will be part of their narrative, regardless of whether you want to be or not. They seek power and adulation. They have a 'positive' vision. They are all pro-family and pro-life.

Pessimists, antinatalists and generally those in any way sensitive are generally introverted, solitary and disgusted by the world. Like the wise snail, they seek to curl up in their sanctuary and be left undisturbed. Sensitive people do not wish to expose themselves to the mob. They do not wish to 'compete', to prostitute themselves, to endure the demeaning gaze of the public eye. Bar their impotent fantasies of world annihilation or world sterilisation they do not seek power.

Thus it is almost an iron law that Assholes will always rule. Another good reason to be a pessimist.

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Ok, this is a rant of no particular philosophical import, bar that it touches on the vacuity of life and the triviality of human beings.

iPhones. They are everywhere. You cannot walk down the street without beholding some biped fleshsack shuffling along, with their snouts buried in a small screen, eagerly engrossed in the electronic phantasgamoria. Most importantly, these people are not looking where they are going, so in essence you have the added responsibility of not only watching your own step but you also have to be aware that this clod may and often will walk right into you, so engrossed are they in their Facebook updates and 'likes'.

Then you get on public transport. Again, every clown there has their face riveted on the small screen that gives them an illusion of a life.
Worse for me personally I've noticed that every time I sit down in a library someone will inevitably sit down next to me and will start playing with their phone immediately, so even in a fucking library there's no escape. A few days ago some woman had her phone on vibrate and the damned thing was rattling the table violently every five seconds. I gave the bitch such a glare that she put it on silent, but even the fact that I had to resort to such tactics pissed me off.

And then there are the background factors. iPhones need a mineral named coltan to function. This is where it comes from:

The Slavery that drives your iPhone

I sent this link to a friend of mine who fancies himself as a diehard Leftist and 'Revolutionary', or in other words he's deluded. He responded with an email worthy of any squealing teenage girl: "But I just cannot function without an iPhone". You see, ultimately Capitalism and innovation is the greatest revolutionary force of all: it moulds people to its ends without their even realising it.

I'm glad I don't have one; in fact, only two other people I know don't and I hope we continue to hold out.

And it's also fair to say that the indispensability of the wretched gadget for most people again just underlines the ultimate vacuity of life and the terror of reality. Imagine if people had to do without their toys and contemplate the sky, their lives, their mortality...