Monday, 18 August 2014

An Unattended Death

A ninety year old woman died in her home in Auburn. She had decomposed through the floor before she was found six months later. The diaries found in her belongings shed light on this lonely and brilliant mind. Watch the documentary, and read excerpts from her diaries here.

 One of the commenters in the Daily Mail said;

it's sadly true that if you go for a career over children, then it's later that you may bitterly regret it. If you can't have your own children, then either adopt, foster, or try to keep in contact with young people in some way or other. You may be old, ugly, boring or whatever, but if you have shown love to any young ones, they will love you back and won't abandon you.

To which someone else said:

Yet another breeder who thinks that by miraculously having children, their life will be complete. It's disgusting to think that you know better over those who have made a conscious decision not to have them; do you ever wonder why there are so many feral children, so many in care, so many that will always be unemployed or disaffected? Forcing those who know they will not be good parents to have children in the hopes things will all of a sudden burst into miraculous joy and rainbows and love is the ultimate selfishness. This woman never regretted having children, it's the article that said they didn't have any. It's you who are the sad one, thinking all women are good for is breeding or parenting. Quite frankly, I think it's horrific that you think people have to have children to burden them with looking after them when they get old - it's like breeding slaves.

You can see their exchange if you go to the comments and click the 'best rated' option.