Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Moral Myopia

So, another shit storm in the Middle East, that zone that encompasses the human condition within a few square hundred miles: hopeless, incessantly violent, unfair and ultimately pointless. However, what irks me at the moment is the usual moral crusading on the usual social media platforms by people who in all likelihood have never been to Israel or Palestine, speak neither Arabic nor Hebrew, and whose knowledge of the area's history is sketchy at best. One thing the Internet has encouraged are self-declared moral heroes, whose bravery consists in making a loud declaration of what should be done - not by themselves of course, but by others - before returning to their cosy, privileged lives, feeling good about themselves for having bared their soul. Of course generally these people will pontificate about all manner of shit while casually walking over the neighbourhood homeless and down and outs, because, well, to represent those people wouldn't be half as glamourous, would it? And yes, mea culpa, of course. No one is exempt. Humans suck.