Thursday, 5 June 2014

When asked why he wrote....

....Samuel Beckett said it was 'in order to leave a stain upon the silence'. Maybe in today's world of overpopulation, overproduction, and overconsumption the more honourable course is to leave a silence upon the stain.


  1. Karl, have you ever heard the BBC production of Beckett's radio play Embers, with Barry McGovern as Henry? Do you think Henry's father, his wife Ada, daughter Addie (and perhaps his unnamed sister) all killed themselves? Sorry if this is too off topic. And btw, I like your posts at You seem about the only hardcore pessimist/antinatalist left over there.

  2. Haven't heard that. Don't think there's too much point in speculating about Beckett's characters off the page; he wasn't too mad about it himself. As for the Ligotti site, I think its 'halycon' days of debating AN are over.

  3. I wonder this myself. But you did, Karl, say a few days ago in response to a post of mine that we need to remain non-arrogant and non-complacent in the fight for AN. Truthfully, if I could escape without harming my family, I would; and I wouldn't care less about those left behind to continue suffering in this mess. It would be their stupid fault for not getting out as well.

  4. our best to hide our stains with silence and with stillness...

    (very difficult when one is born in a culture of psychopathic activity)

  5. David Rickerby6 June 2014 at 11:39

    The problem with remaining silent, is that the stain, of overpopulation, over production and over consumption, becomes regarded as a badge of honour. Evidence of our 'dynamic', societies and 'pro-active' cultures. I know it already is,but, just because they're not listening doesn't mean we shouldn't speak.

  6. In this age of mass media, mass politics, and mass everything else, we can pretty much give-up on the idea of silence. Times have changed since the days of Samuel Beckett – the best we can do is just to focus on leaving stuff stained.

    1. In these days of mass everything silence is still possible. Reduced silence is better then outright noise. But 'achieving' silence is a kind of anti-work, anti-activity for the brain and it is still possible whilst still alive, but difficult. It is dead easy when dead. Meanwhile I shall savour the idea of a Mr Beckett pictured on the front of a washpowder box with the strapline 'Washes whiter then being human'.

  7. Eco_h2o@lycos.com8 June 2014 at 19:13

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  8. ....well. Beckett once called writing "dis-improving the silence" .... He also said, "Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness."

    I'm not so convinced he wrote with the thinking that leaving a stain on the silence was really all that good a thing to do....