Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Random end of year thoughts

So the end of another year, one less before the final consumation. A sad year in that we lost Sundog and Kirk, two brave fighters, utterly fearless, courageous men, who had no hesitation in speaking their thoughts, in spite of the opprobium and disdain of the status quo. I salute them.


Then the bust up at the Ligotti site over AN. That was a very revealing exchange. It seems ultimately that opponents of AN will retreat into the currently fashionable intellectual agnosticism that rules in liberal ideology: "We don't know enough to judge". ANs are then labelled as dogmatic, but as a friend commented wisely:

I think what bothers me in the antinatalism debate is what I consider a kind of faux-agnosticism about life .

I think many people might have to admit they're less agnostic than they believe themselves to be. For example, when someone consciously decides to have a kid, and goes through with it, I consider that a gesture in support of the idea that life is essentially good and worthwhile, regardless of whether the parent in question wishes to regard themselves as agnostic about it or not.

It's particularly annoying, since antianatalism is often dismissed as a kind of belief system, while people who procreate are more allowed to call themselves agnostic about life, somehow. I would think antinatalism is more agnostic, actually, since it is erring on the side of not bringing someone into life, since we don't know if it will end up being worthwhile for that person.
Sums it up nicely. Not to reproduce is often considered 'dogmatic', whereas to procreate is considered 'open-minded' and 'non-judgemental'. Ah, 'tis a topsy-turvy world we live in, to be sure.
(Incidentally, and on a more political note, I'm sure the 'analysis-paralysis' that dominates western thinking must delight our rulers, as they demonstrate absolutely no doubts or hesitations in making their life and death decisions that affect us all, usually for the worst, and, of course, afterwards they can always justify themselves with the 'someone had to take tough decisions' line, which is a perfect way of getting away with it.)
Two days ago I was obliged to enter the huge Apple store in central London. My god, what an experience. I don't think I've seen a more crowded shop in my life. What really struck me was that most people were interested in the trinkets and accessories that go with their iProducts. An extra bauble here, another there, and let's be picky about what colour it is. I've rarely felt more alienated from my own culture and was so relieved to get out of there.
I then came home and put on Al-Jazeera and watched a big report on the current slaughter in both the Sudan and the Central African Republic. Comparing the narcissism of the Apple store with the slaughter in Africa, and then reflecting on the west's savage imperialism and raping of that benighted continent, all I can say is that if the African countries ever got their act together and united to invade Europe in a revenge crusade, I could only say we'd get what we deserve. To quote the greatest chronicler of western decadence, Michel Houellebecq, on the mindset of those of those in the 'advanced' world: 'I know only that every single one of us reeks of selfishness, masochism, and death'.


Anyway, putting such cheery thoughts aside, I hope everyone has a relaxing holiday and a peaceful year ahead. Thanks for reading!