Tuesday, 19 November 2013

China eases One-Child Only Policy

The big news relating to Antinatalism last week came with the Chinese government's declaration that their one-child policy was to be loosened. Don't know about you, but I felt the proverbial heart sinking when I learnt the news. I assume that the UN projection of 10 billion on the planet by 2050 will now have to be revised substantially upward. Now obviously the Chinese didn't have a one-child policy because they were convinced Antinatalists ( a friend of mine who worked there told me the limit on procreation was the biggest cause of grumbling amongst the populace, not the lack of democracy) but the fact that such a policy existed was a source of encouragement for me as I thought that it might lead to other governments following their lead, but with the Chinese caving in, I assume this is a forlorn hope.

So now there are going to be even more mouths to feed on an already overcrowded planet with limited resources. Yipee.

What really irks me amongst those who hail the news as a triumph for 'liberalism' or 'human rights' is that population control should be a vital issue even for natalists. After all, if you do have a kid, you want there to be less competitors out there, but no, this seems to be beyond a lot of people. The only thing about it all that did cheer me was that when I scanned an article on the topic in the Guardian, the comments that received the most likes were those calling for enforced population control. So contrary to whar the Liberal left PC Thought Police want you to feel and think, there are actually people out there with sense:


So more people, more indifference, more struggle, more ruthlessness, more environmental degradation, more big inhuman cities, less compassion, less care, less peace etc.

Lest anyone think I exaggerate, there has been specualtion aplenty about future resource wars between Russia and China, Now that the latter has popped its sperm cork, this is ever more likely an eventuality:


I think at this stage we can give up on humanity and just concentrate on making our own individual passages to nothingness as painless and graceful as possible.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Farewell, Kirk (Derived Energy)

Folks, tragic news: it seems Derived Energy, aka Kirk, has taken his own life. I was sent this link. From Google translate it seems Kirk committed suicide while undergoing treatment in a drug rehabilitation centre. There was a note left for his family.

I met Kirk once late last year for a couple of drinks in London. We had a very enjoyable chat about AN and the madness of life in general. I am deeply shocked by this very sad news. My condolences to his friends and family.