Friday, 27 September 2013

The Hypocrisy of Environmentalists

So, a new report today saying it is "95% certain" that humans are the cause of global warming. Wow, shock, horror. I always thought it was the squirrels myself.

Of course, the media reaction was to summon the usual bleeding heart figures, wringing their hands and talking about a "wake-up call" and the need for "urgent action".

I find all this to be horseshit, as most environmentalists I've seen or encountered

A) Drive cars
B) Eat meat
C) Have children

Or basically perform all the things that damage the environment most. But as we all know environmentalism isn't about the environment, it's about humans being allowed to continue their joyriding lifestyle.

The only realistic action would be to impose a Chinese style limit on family sizes, but in the west that could never happen, so the hot air will continue to increase, both in the atmosphere and from the mouths of the environmentalists.

Thursday, 5 September 2013


With the world's population spiralling towards 10 billion, we can safely expect more misery, more war, more starvation, more suicide, more hunger, more poverty, more delusion, more religion, more inequality, more prejudice, more reproduction, more rape, more domestic violence, more and more and more....