Friday, 19 July 2013

A Comment that sums it all up nicely

From a commenter on Sister Y's blog:

"So this might seem like an overly intellectual reason to be depressed, but it does relate to everyday life, and I probably have aspergers which often leads to abstract fixations.

We see the ideas of evopsych popularized all over the internet in memes (itself coined by Dawkins), PUA, friendzone, foreveralone, niceguy, alpha, beta, omega. Pop-Nietzsche seems to have triumphed with the whole idea that any morality (aka being a nice guy) is a sign of slave weakness, and that only cruelty and domination can win in this harsh Darwinian world. Evil is sexy.

Its useless trying to refute evopsych. If one accepts the premises of evolution, natural and sexual selection, game theory, genetics, cognitive psychology, the conclusions of EP seem to logically follow. But even if EP is bunk, and just an ideology to justify American society, so what? Nature or Nurture, I'll still have to live with it my lifetime. For better or worse, I will live and die under American capitalist society. And the human nature described by EP, perfectly describes the world I live in. War for money, sex, power. Nature red in tooth and claw. Robots for the selfish gene. And if Pinker is right, and the Blank Slate is a myth, and human nature is indeed hardwired and not plastic, then we're stuck with this world for eternity.

The highest ideal of Darwinism is to be a Genghis Khan, Tucker Max, Don Juan, playboy, Fratboy, Hiphop gangsta, pick up artist. The lowest of the low is to be a Foreveralone like me. Human emotions, desires, loves are nothing but the random firings of neurons and chemical imbalances driven by the rational calculus of gene-fitness maximinzation.
What kind of world is this to live in?

I'd love nothing more than to destroy this capsule that holds my parents' selfish genes. I resent them furiously for imposing that burden on me. I hate humanity, mammals, animals, life, biology, matter, and ultimately existence itself. Ruled by a fat, blind, uncaring scientist God, staring into the void with dead empty eyes. All men are created unequal. Defined by race, gender, ability, looks, strength, economics, IQ, EQ etc. The Law of Difference. And evolution acts upon these inequalities, weeding out the unfit. Life unfit for life. Life is struggle. Even physics which seems so cold, rational, lifeless, abstract, fleshless, is about domination. F=MA The Stronger Force imposes its' "will" on the weaker force.

Life is both too rational (in that everything is determined by the selfish calculations of DNA) and too irrational (in that all human behavior is determined by evolved Dionysian impulses).

I can't find any meaning whatsoever in a cruel world like this. How can I just accept existence as a gene-machine? Fight to be the biggest cruelest ape on a mountain of skulls. The law of evolution, is that cruelty, sadism, evil, domination, brutality, and raw power always triumph.

While intellectually I accept Darwinism, I understand why an honest Christian (not a hypocritcal Priest or Evangelical) would want to rage against the cruel world of Darwinism. "Turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor" is a losing strategy in evolutionary game theory. OF course all worldviews accept the evils of the world, it just depends who you want to blame- Satan, Original Sin, Genes, Patriarchy, Feminism, Statism, Capitalism, Religion, Racism, Big Government Liberalism, etc etc They're all arguing about WHY the world sucks, that the world sucks, no one can deny.

How can robot-capsules for selfish DNA ever find meaning in this brutal cutthroat competitive universe?

Mitchel Heisman summed it all up about how Judeo-Christian Slave Morality is fundamentally a revolt against the biological nature of existence, and can only be completed in the rejection of bios itself."

Can't argue with any of that. Anyone who declares they love life, or even their own life, is obliged to acknowledge that the system that produces it, that is it, is devoid of any natural justice, purpose or morality. By giving the thumbs-up to life you're giving the thumbs-up to the mindless grinding machine that's just going to spit you out once it's done with you. Life worship is akin to Cthulhu worship.

And for those who have kids or are planning to, at some level they must be aware that they are creating a hostage to fortune, someone who will be both a victim and a perpetrator of the machine that lacks all empathy and care for its mutations. Stockholm Syndrome writ large.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Papal Irony

Before he "ascended" to the papacy the inappropriately named Pope Innocent III authored De miseria humanae conditionis (On the Misery of the Human Condition), a well regarded tract on the unavoidable suffering of life. Nevertheless, such insight into the human condition did not prevent Innocent from unleasing a genocidal crusade against the Cathars, a peaceful Christian sect who advocated non-procreation and a peaceful transition to Nothingness. Instead, they were exterminated into oblivion by the "Faithful".

12/7/13 Courtesy of Dima, here are some extracts from Innocent's tract:

• For sure man was formed out of earth, conceived in guilt, born to punishment. What he does is depraved and illicit, is shameful and improper, vain and unprofitable. He will become fuel for the eternal fires food for worms, a mass of rottenness.
I shall try to make my explanation clearer and my treatment fuller. Man was formed of dust, slime, and ashes; what is even more vile, of the filthiest seed. He was conceived from the itch of the flesh, in the heat of passion and the stench of lust, and worse yet, with the stain of sin. He was born to toil, dread, and trouble; and more wretched still, was born only to die. He commits depraved acts by which he offends God, his neighbor, and himself, shameful acts by which he defiles his name, his person, and his conscience; and vain acts by which he ignores all things important, useful, and necessary. He will become fuel for those fires which are forever hot and burn forever bright; food for the worm which forever nibbles and digests; a mass of rottenness which will forever stink and reek.
• A bird is born to fly; man is born to toil. All his days are full of toil and hardship, and at night his mind has no rest. How much anxiety tortures mortals! They suffer all kinds of cares, are burdened with worry, tremble and shrink with fears and terrors, are weighted down with sorrow. Their nervousness makes them depressed, and their depression makes them nervous. Rich or poor, master or slave, married or single, good and bad alike—all suffer worldly torments and are tormented by worldly vexations.

• For sudden sorrow always follows worldly joy: what begins in gaiety ends in grief. Worldly happiness in besprinkled in deed with much bitterness.

•Then, suddenly, when least expected, misfortune strikes, a calamity befalls us, disease attacks or death, which no one can escape, carries us off.

• Men strive especially for three things: riches, pleasures, and honors. Riches lead to immorality, pleasures to shame, and honors to vanity.

• But suppose a man is lifted up high, suppose he is raised to the very peak. At once his cares grow heavy, his worries mount up, he eats less and cannot sleep. And so nature is corrupted, his spirit weakened, his sleep disturbed, his appetite lost; his strength is diminished, he loses weight. Exhausting himself, he scarcely lives half a lifetime and ends his wretched days with a more wretched death.

• Almost the whole life of mortals is full of mortal sin, so that one can scarcely find anyone who does not go astray, does not return to his own vomit and rot in his own dung. Instead they “are glad when they have done evil and rejoice in most wicked things.” “Being filled with all iniquity malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murders, contention, deceit, evil, being whisperers, detractors, hateful to God, irreverent, proud, haughty, plotters of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy.” This world is full of such and worse; it abounds in heretics and schismatics [Christians who reject the authority of the pope], traitors and tyrants, simonists [buyers or sellers of spiritual offices or sacred items] and hypocrites; the ambitious and the covetous, robbers and brigands, violent men, extortionists, usurers, forgers; the impious and sacrilegious, the betrayers and liars, the flatterers and deceivers; gossips, tricksters, gluttons, drunkards; adulterers, incestuous men, deviates, and the dirty-minded; the lazy, the careless, the vain, the prodigal, the impetuous, the irascible, the impatient and inconstant; poisoners, fortune tellers, perjurers, cursers; men who are presumptuous and arrogant, unbelieving and desperate; and finally those ensnared in all vices together.