Friday, 4 January 2013

An Oxymoron

                                                          A good parent.


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    1. Good one, Dima!

      But the thing is that after the cursed day when a baby comes out of a womb, subsequent 'birthdays' aren't of any particular significance. There's nothing stopping them being "happy" (except that the poor soul continues to live, of course!).

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  2. Nice, Karl!

    Indeed, I have sometimes given thought to just what my parents can do to make me happy / fulfil their responsibility. Murdering me painlessly is the closest answer, of course!

  3. Our parents owe US everything they have for dragging us into this shithole. This should always be remembered. Yes, I love my parents. But I don't know if I can ever fully forgive them.

    1. Agreed. But no, most parents kick their kids out of the house when they hit 18...

  4. Millions of women have no access to birth control and may not have even wanted to have sex. Millions of us would not have reproduced if access to safe abortion was available and affordable. Children are a lot of work and worry and expense. Many of us produce them and care for them because we have no other choice. Spend your time empowering women to have better choices. Help us expand our life goals so children will seem the very least desireable goal.
    In truth it is already the least desireable goal for many of us but, if we are parents, we are too polite to say so.

    1. You've written one of the wisest things I've read here. Thank you and best wishes to you and your child. If they are here, they didn't ask to be, so love them. Also, If you can, love them in a way that is contrary to our cultures obsession with materialism, by not spoiling them with consumer goods and calling it affection; and instead giving them the gift of practical life skills to live in this world without adding to it's miseries. There is the art.


    1. Great style but zero for content! Another new age return to god bullshit. The last true rebellion my ass.

    2. Russian Orthodoxy as 'new age return to god bullshit'. Interesting observation.

    3. Quote from site

      "We try to open up to them the beauty of God's creation, and invite them to put to death ‘the passions,’ which is what we mean by ‘the world.’ God takes despair and turns it around to something positive. Selfish passions can then be redirected into love for God, as Mary Magdalene did. We talk about the idea of suffering because that is what the kids feel most strongly. We show that there can be meaning in suffering.”

      Wow. *Blaagh*, turn that despair around little jimmy, your brutal gangrape can be turned into love for god. It had meaning!

      "To this day, we continue to write a ‘zine to inspire Truth-seeking and soul-searching amidst the modern age of nihilism and despair, promoting the ancient principles of the last true rebellion -- being dead to this world and alive to the other world."

      The afterlife: the accomplice, the teasing whore, the billion dollar baby.

    4. "He made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies." Psalm 18:11

      You'll find that the word "Nothing" and "God" are interchangeable at the heart of all the worlds religions.

      The afterlife is the future fruit of our good deeds. The virgin mother a metaphor for the waiting miracle of a good deed in an evil world. And the child as hope, and a vision of what is best in us. Godbless you.

  6. Absolutely, Karl. It will never be possible for me to forgive my birth parents for creating me. I am more accepting of my adoptive parents because I cannot blame them for my existance. But it is just beyond my comprehension that anyone would willingly bring life into this world. We are talking about a world where humans and animals throughout history have been burned alive, skinned alive, body parts chopped off, eaten alive, freezing to death....pain beyond's our obligation to not even consider creating new life.

  7. A* ***moron

    A **** parent.

  8. I'll never forgive my parents for bringing me into this world.


      If your surroundings make you feel you don't belong, seek others. If there is no love in your family seek friendships. If your friends seem alien to you then seek other cities or towns. If your philosophy is failing you shrug it off and find another, irrespective of lab-tested truth. There's a place for you somewhere. Therein lies your own power, you don't have to settle for anything. This culture of romanticizing death is a security blanket and an excuse to wallow; throw it off, crawl out of the sewer of self-doubt and find something better. Whining down the world around you to excuse the fact you're doing nothing to improve your situation (or those around who's suffering is so salient to your party line) is a self-imposed jail cell in hell.

      And, FFS the adolescent high-fiving over these schoolkid shooting psychopaths utterly demolishes the alleged compassion at the heart of all your finger pointing, and reduces the argument of Anti-Natalism to black tshirted metal-culture wankery; just ad-hoc fascism.

      How 'bout moving beyond Buddhism's first noble truth (realizing life is suffering) and on to why, and how to disconnect.

    2. Breeders are the source of all misery7 January 2013 at 17:35

      "And, FFS the adolescent high-fiving over these schoolkid shooting psychopaths utterly demolishes the alleged compassion at the heart of all your finger pointing, and reduces the argument of Anti-Natalism to black tshirted metal-culture wankery; just ad-hoc fascism."

      The ones you talked about were not high fiving, they saw purpose in the shooting that's all. It's NOT antinatalism at all, antinatalism is choosing not to impose life. Again killing people is NOT antinatalism. Those guys border on the misanthrope/efilist border. Dead people do not breed is their motto, i'll call them omnicidals/EVILists/Efilists.

      "There's a place for you somewhere. Therein lies your own power, you don't have to settle for anything."

      Yeah his/her place is six feet under, it's because of assholes like you that made it possible. There are people that want to die. Is it really that hard to understand?

      "self-imposed jail cell in hell"

      Life IS an imposed jail cell. Convincing your cell mates it's not is what you breeders do.

      " This culture of romanticizing death is a security blanket and an excuse to wallow; throw it off, crawl out of the sewer of self-doubt and find something better."

      This culture of romanticizing life is a security blanket and an excuse to dominate,rape,kill,procreate,cannibalism,etc

    3. Assholes like me, huh?

      I'm not a breeder. And won't be. I agree with the idea our breeding needs to be seriously discussed, capped bla bla I just don't think whining teenagers in black tees with skull and death iconography (a romanticized image of death) who's life experience is so far living with their parents, turning consumerism into a sport and bleating on the net are doing anything but damaging the debate. Your references to Cannibalism and rape are relevant to your own experience how exactly? You read it on the net? You're a first-worlder, with cable internets, and your using a perfectly reasonable philosophy to be a hateful little shit with. May as well be a Westboro Baptist member, your methods are the same.

      Less hate more sanity, if you want to die no ones questioning your right to. I'm just suggesting you give actual living a try, in conditions that make you happy, so you can decide whether your rationally choosing to die, or your just depressed. Stop being a fascist and deciding for everyone else that they need to die first.

    4. Guy wearing a skull shirt aka antinatalist yawn8 January 2013 at 09:37

      "I'm not a breeder. And won't be"

      That's all i care about, the rest is the typical attack the poster stuff. Again with the emo goth skull insults, yawn*!! You haven't properly adressed anything i said, just keep on insulting. Hateful? From the post you seem obviously pissed.I'm glad you won't pass on your bias. So good for me and the world.


    5. So I have your parents bias to thank for your reply. Thanks.

      The poster in this case is one that has been studied by psychologists, neurologists, sociologists, media analysts, marketing teams, etc The fact that the goth emo metal nu-g0th aesthetic predominates this scene is telling.

      In the animal kingdom what can we infer by an animal that is isolated (or self isolates) from the group, that shows hostility to it's fellow animals if they approach, and wallows in the dirt waiting to die?

    6. Let me amend my last statement by saying I seek no hostility between us. Children should not be born to suffer. We are ostensibly on the same side. Praise of horror and pain of our fellow man is a horror in and of itself however, and is somewhere we part ideologically.

      The process of isolation in humanity is either natural selection weeding out weakness (the scientific perspective), or a process for the emergence of a self-awareness (the spiritual one). But if the later it is only IF the isolated, once having received "enlightenment" goes back into the world to apply the lessons learned in isolation, and a live a life dedicated to alleviating the suffering of his fellow humans.

      This windowed world of online opinion posting is a waiting room. All we are is our actions. In the beginning may have been the word, but it faded back into silence. As we all shall.

      Adieu to you, friend.

  9. "My mother, writing from France, admonished me to take care of my health, as she had during the war. My head could be all set for the guillotine, and still my mother would scold me for forgetting my muffler. She never missed an opportunity to try and convince me that the world is a kindly place and that she'd done a good job in conceiving me."
    -Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Journey to The End of the Night

  10. Life and Death - Good news and Bad news.

    Good news first: You only die once.

    Bad news: you only live once.

    This is what we observe.

    If one chooses to not bring any more humanity onto the planet, that's the best way to discontinue humanity, limiting our time on the planet and limiting the destruction we'll do along the way.

    Works best if EVERYONE discontinues breeding, but I'm a volunteer and you can be too, it's a choice to be childfree. fyi.

    1. Race God to End Man8 January 2013 at 09:41

      Earth shouldn't be left alone, it should be raped, pillaged and destroyed BEFORE space travel is possible. Antinatalism contradicts this goal, the less people there are the more chances earth & mankind will survive. So more babies, more destruction, more consumerism. Just don't personally reproduce, the others serve as lemmings for the end.

    2. Your scenario is precisely the direction (with velocity and momentum) human-"kind" is going.

      VHEMT.ORG is for those who choose to be child-free since they don't want their kids to blame them.

      There is a vanishingly small chance that humans will survive the culling. However, all the people on the planet today are related to a couple hundred humans from around 70,000 BCE.

      Therefore, all of us must go or we'll be right back here in far fewer than 70,000 years.

      As far as move to another planet...we're too fragile for long term (forever) space flight.

      However, as the catastrophe that is our future takes form, it will be the best documented topic in the history of humans, how ironic our epitaph will be "Spoiled our nest, no where left to go!"

      Just like Easter Island...or bacteria in a petri dish...

  11. Another Oxymoron:


  12. "Philosophy is studied by people who want to understand the world but are not smart enough for science." -- Snakepliskinist (