Sunday, 30 December 2012


Perhaps those so eager to bear arms should be encouraged to play Russian Roulette. That way, not only can they indulge their passion for guns without risking harm to anyone else, they will also have every opportunity to exercise their Constitutional Right to Non-Existence.


  1. Indeed so. The right to non-existence should be a constitutional right that anyone could exercise with the help of the government and what not for a graceful exit

  2. Great blog, Karl, congratulations. Guns can also be useful tools when they are in good hands. Many great people have shot themselves out of this hellish existence by blowing their brains out.


  3. A really nice aphorism. Gets us thinking. Thanks Karl

  4. I don't fancy guns as such, but I look at my revolver as my "emergency exit". Always have at least a .38 caliber and hollow point bullets.

  5. The gun is good. The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds, and makes new life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as once it was, but the gun shoots death, and purifies the Earth of the filth of brutals.

    1. A wonderful quote, anon. Here's another one:

      After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.
      William S. Burroughs

  6. Karl... I'm surprised at you. How can you have such a knee-jerk, emotional reaction to the collectivist media's most recent tirades? Encouraging me to kill myself because I enjoy firearms and the last bastion of liberty which they represent? Are you out of your freaking mind?!

    I used to think better of you. I used to think there was a chance that you might awaken and see things a little more clearly with regard to the sheer insanity of collectivism and forced compliance. Now... I'm not so sure. It hurts me to say that.

    Alex, right on.

    1. Garrett, good to hear from you.

      I am very glad that in Europe there is no right to gun ownership, as I can only imagine how astronomical the homicide rate would be.

      Nor is it a 'kneejerk' reaction. I've disagreed with private gun ownership for years. After all, if you think it's fine for people to own guns, why not have the right to own tanks, fighter jets, nuclear weapons etc?

      As for 'awakening' to things, this is somewhat contradictory. You must surely respect my right to my own opinion, no? Is there a consensus that libertarians are expected to sign up to? I have my opinions on different topics and don't care with whom they chime in or don't, as do you.

    2. The homicide rate would be no higher than it has ever been throughout human history. Where there's biological life, there is death... end of story. It makes no difference whether a killer uses a blunt object or a projectile to kill another sentient being. A murderer is a murderer, and you cannot convince one to behave differently based solely on the decree of law. In other words, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

      You may have always viewed private firearm ownership as reprehensible, nevertheless, your reaction is "knee-jerk" and emotional every time that line of reasoning enters your mind. Whenever you hear of the latest headline on a Columbine, Aurora, or Sandy Hook, and you begin lumping all individuals together in the same category as that of the perpetrator/s of a callous act, it cannot possibly be anything but irrational emotion. You are submitting to collectivist programming at the behest of the most power hungry syndicates in this world. As a matter of fact, no, I do not view the private ownership of tanks, fighter jets, or nuclear weapons as any more alarming than government ownership of those things. Consider this: governments are made up of humans. Irrational, perverse humans with megalomaniacal tendencies who consider themselves to be benevolent; god-like entities. They are drunk with power. They wage war with their "toys" and zombies (i.e. soldiers) on a constant basis. Bottom line, you cannot put the genie back into the bottle. Stop worshipping governments... they are just humans. Grow up and get over it.

      How is it contradictory? An opinion is something like this: "I think that flower is pretty!", or "I like cats better than dogs!". However, you cross the line into imposition and tyranny when you begin pursuing the mission of stomping out every flower that doesn't tickle your fancy, or torturing all canines. Don't tell me you can't understand the difference, Karl. Your opinion might make you recoil at the mere mention of the word "gun", but your desire for power over others manifests itself in the form of apathy when an individual is victimized by a collective, when they dare to shun royal decree and instead opt to defend themselves from other thugs who will be armed with firearms regardless of your precious law. By the way, please don't call me a libertarian. Gross. I have no political affiliation, nor would I ever side with any gang.

      Anyway, I'll take this as my cue to cease reading your thoughts and posting on your blog. Yes, we are both antinatalists, but I suspect that we are for vastly different reasons. That doesn't really matter though. Oh, and since you basically demanded that I load one of my guns and shoot myself in the head [f.y.i. revolvers are antiquated so I've got semi-autos... guaranteed loss in Russian roulette ;)], I wish you a long life on planet Earth!

    3. Karl,
      It is precisely your kind of mentality, which is the reason why the right to die is presently outlawed almost everywhere on this shitty planet: "I am very glad that there is no right to Nembutal ownership, as I can only imagine the horrors, as people would poison their spouses, teenagers would kill themselves over nothing, etc." You have only to blame busybodies such as yourself.

      Forget pussy-antinatalists such as Karl, Filrabat and Shadow. They wouldn't push the big red button and would rather write long diatribes against suicide, while leafing though Cioran and puffing their pipe. Come to the Dark Side, Garrett. Become an EVIList. Watch the instruction video here.

    4. Garrett,

      First up, I apologise if you were offended by the post. It was meant sarcastically/humourously/ironically. However....

      The idea that flooding a society with millions of guns would have no effect on the death rate is just preposterous. I can't believe you hold to that; pure cognitive dissonance. And if you're really comfortable with the idea of public ownership of grenades, nuclear weapons etc I seriously think you need to reconsider. To me, that is just insanity.

      And how is an opinion of over twenty years 'kneekerk'? You haven't furnished a rational defence of gun ownership, all you've done is provided empty rhetoric.

      And where exactly did I say I 'worship' governments? Or that I 'desire power' other others? Governments can be bad or good, as can politicians, as can leglisation, as can individuals. You're wedded to a romantic fantasy that individuals are by definition good and pure and that governments are by definition evil. I'm surprised that a person of your obvious intelligence can hold such simplistic ideas. The world is shades of grey all the way down from groups to individuals. To deny this is to cling to a Manichean fantasy that has nothing to do with reality.

    5. 'Evilist', take you teenage goth shit elsewhere. It's neither wanted nor welcome here.

    6. Everyone, please, calm down.

      I know that we are human beings, we are sometimes lost in this, and we tend to fight each other sometimes out of pure instigation of our hormones and atavic instincts.

      But c´mon. We are supposed to be together in this. Sometimes I also disappoint myself with apparently how fragile our "union" is.

      But nevertheless, besides any diverse points of views, we were supposed to help each other.

      Let´s not turn this into a witch hunt. Can´t we all agree on some level? Karl is only emmiting his opinion about it. I don´t know how that is much relevant to the right of gun ownership debate in America, which Garret fights for. I mean, it´s whole different countries, plus we are not pulling many strings so that can turn true. It would be amazing if we could write anything and the next day it became true, but it´s not how it works. We all know that. In the meantime, we are fighting amongst people that we thought friends?


      Let´s try to chill out. Everyone has a right to their opinions. We can agree to disagree.

      Sure you can have your gun if you´d like, but at the same time, to defend that everyone has a right to own any type of gun can be a little farfetched, right? But anyway, let´s aim for middle ground - no one has to change their opinions on the matter. We can try and display our rationale behind it, and that´s it. There´s a time and a place for everything (god, I hope not for 'everything') but I don´t think this is neither the time nor the place to make this type of wars.
      Cheers to all.

    7. Wise words, Shadow! Thanks very much for your comment.

      I agree with all you say. I am sick and tired of internet fights and bitching. It is such a waste of time and energy, particularly amongst those who agree on more important matters.

      Garrett, if you're reading this, let's not fall out, buddy!

    8. Stefan Molyneux: Gun Control: History, Philosophy and Ethics:

    9. "'Evilist', take you teenage goth shit elsewhere."

      Hahahaha, an antinatalist calling someone else a teenage goth shit, now I've seen everything. Especially coming from someone who posts poetry on his blog. Thoughtful rebuttal, Karl!

  7. First of all:


    "Forget pussy-antinatalists such as Karl, Filrabat and Shadow. They wouldn't push the big red button and would rather write long diatribes against suicide, while leafing though Cioran and puffing their pipe. "

    FAIL attempt of attacking. I´ve not once, talked against suicide. You seem not to read most of what I write. My graduation thesis was on EUTHANASIA.

    Got that? But yeah, your attitude and entitlement tell me right away what you think you are.

    1. i'll stop reading and posting on your blog just makes me angry. In my family is a lot of dispute but we stay a family. I just skip discussions like the one above.

    2. Fuck family. What is this, quiverful?

  8. Once again, I do not have much to contribute
    to the discussion but I couldn't help it and stop thinking of this reading the thread:

    Have "we" (strong emphasis on the inverted commas) come that far, too? :p
    Replace 'Romans' with 'pro-natalists' or whatever you like...

    And if anyone wishes to form the "militant wing" feel free to become a janitor at a sperm bank and thaw the freezers at night for a start...

    I'm sure you have read about that one.

  9. Assassin Anders Breivik - 77
    Sperm donor Ed Houben + 77

    There's always the sun

    1. The Worm that flies4 January 2013 at 17:59

      Really interesting comparison, both are "evil" yet Anders Breivik did not impose life, he only took it. If i was to choose between the two who'd live and do his thing it would be Anders Breivik. Also, the possibility of the victims breeding fades away. There is no choice at all for the antinatalist.

  10. i can't wait to kill myself.

    fuck working!

  11. I can wait to kill myself, but I have been slow for most of my life, too slow to be offered work, I think I would preffer to die of my slowness. I looked up the origins of 'russian roulette' on line, wikipedia etc and I was surprised how recent it was, first world war. Perhaps in the new version Karl supports the game could be extended to russian roulette for two. Into the form of a single shot duel from six bullet barrel gun. If the suspense of whether you died, the other person died, or you both died, was not enough, then maybe the sense of honour of being the first to die might be the best pay off. In the meanwhile may i reccomend an intelligent entertainment? it is available for less than what it would cost to send through the post on