Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Reflections, Movie Recommendations, Bitter Musings and more

Here’s an entertaining 2 minute rant from British impressionist Alistair McGowan on the annoying cult of children that prevails in the UK. As someone who has the misfortune to live in London, I can only give him the big thumbs-up!

There may sometimes arise debate as to whether the Internet is overall a good or a bad thing; it can facilitate all sorts of horrors such as terrorism, paedophilia, financial scams etc., but one of the undeniably good things about it in my opinion is the fact that it gives a voice to the previously voiceless, particularly those who want to express their misery and sheer unhappiness at being alive. Prior to the Net, the print media was dominated by official and professional optimists, whose main function was to cheerlead for society and existence in general.  Bar a few tolerated cultural and literary pessimists like Leopardi and Schopenhauer (whose real message was often pushed to the side and focus was instead given to their ‘style’), the main message of the media was, to borrow that awful UK phrase, ‘it’s all good’. Now thanks to electronic communication we can see that not everyone buys into the propaganda. Here’s an excellent example from The Experience Project: ‘I Wish I Was Never Born’:

Procreating atheists never fail to dismay me, particularly when they show an awareness of the awfulness of everything. My favourite example is the literary critic James Wood, whose writings I really enjoy, admire and recommend. In his brilliant book on literature and God The Broken Estate Woods writes about his worldview after losing his faith:

“True atheism understands the negative obligations of the revolution it has begun. My own position might be summarised thus: I can see no way in which it is a good thing for humans to have accidentally and pointlessly evolved on an earth which they must inhabit (irrespective of my own happiness). Life-under-God seems a pointless posing as a purpose (the purpose, presumably, being to love God and to be loved in return); life-without-God seems to me also a pointless posing as a purpose (jobs, family, sex and so on – all the usual distractions). The advantage, if it can be described as one, of living in the latter state, without God, is that the false purpose has at least been invented by man and one can strip it away to reveal the actual pointlessness.”

I agree with every word of this, as I daresay many regulars here would. And yet, what has the good James done in the years after writing these sage words? Had two children! I mean, how can you see the truth so clearly and yet do that? I can only assume his partner must be very hot indeed. Nature triumphs over reason yet again....

If you’re looking for a bleak-as-hell movie that reflects the grim awfulness and banal nothingness of existence, then look no further than Bruno Dumont’s 1999 movie L’humanite, a film that revolves around a child-killing and the helplessness of an innocent, child-like police investigator. Highly recommended:

Feeling extremely sick of everything at pleasant. This life is utterly pointless, no ifs, no buts and all excuses trotted out to the contrary are nothing but self-deluded, blah, blah, blah, self-justificatory nonsense. It would have been better never to have been born and suicide seems to be the only logical response. We are hanging around here for no good reason, bar habit, laziness, hedonic addiction, a guilt-inducing desire to not let others down and so on and so on. And all the while Time is eating us alive anyway.  Let’s not kid ourselves that there’s anything intrinsically good about the situation in which we find ourselves.

Why do angels have wings?

To get the fuck off this planet.