Monday, 10 October 2011

"Life is Evil"

I went to see Lars Von Trier’s latest film Melancholia last night. It’s annoying me now, because as a film concerning the destruction of the planet and the collapse of the sham bourgeois values that keep this horrible human life on the road, it should have been a masterpiece, but to be honest, I nearly died of boredom. However, there was one magnificent moment. One of the characters is panicking as she realises the end is nigh, but her sister, a hard-edged cynic (in a great turn from Kirsten Dunst) puts her right:

Life is evil

Don’t mourn the planet

No one’s going to miss it

For that little speech alone, the movie deserves Oscars for best screenplay, best picture, best director and best actress!


  1. Karl,
    Life truly is evil. Does the sheer evil and horror of it all ever make you panic? That's my reaction, and it gets worse every year. My general anxiety and my panic attacks are starting to really interfere with my life. Am I just hypersensitive? Am I normal for an antinatatlist (for we, as a group, seem to be more attuned to the horror, I believe)?
    Oh, to be mindless and gleeful.

  2. From the dawn of civilisations, man dreamt of casting off his flesh and ascending from the physical world; until the modern sham of "life is great/wonderful/..." with its "child-friendly" blinders upon education, the average man was capable of judging this world for something not worth attaching to.

  3. Anonymous: I know exactly how you feel. The longer you dwell with that knowledge the worse it gets. I could weep for the bygone years when I could handle it all pretty coolly. I can only assume that as time passes and one’s own mortality becomes more felt the pressure of seeing it all for the farce that it is becomes more acute. Here’s hoping we can stick it out, my friend!

    Bazompora: Great comment. Someone on Shadow’s blog once made a comment to the effect that in the medieval period men were far more attuned to reality because death was all around them. Now optimism is the official world-ideology, in spite of the mountainous evidence to the contrary provided by history and experience, and death and pessimism are dirty words. Your thoughts also put me in mind of a comment by Ligotti in one of his interviews:

    Lovecraft's opening of "Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family"--"Life is a hideous thing . . . ." This is the form of Decadence that has always interested me--the freedom, after thousands of years under the whip of uplifting religions and the tyrannical politics of the positive--which are nothing more than a means for crowd control--to speak to others who in their hearts could no longer lie to themselves about what they thought concerning the value, or rather lack of value, of human life.

  4. Karl! Sorry to delay my comment!

    So I didn´t knew about this. I´m going to look for it here, and give it a go. You said it was boring - and a LOT of movies tend to be so nowadays - but if has this kind of sentences, it´s worth checking it, I guess.

    And thanks a lot for the link on that blogpost about Steve Jobs. I was looking for to read exactly something like it. We think very much alike, I can see.

    Cheers! =) Keep us updated!

  5. Karl and Bazompora,

    Sister Y made a post a while ago about how earlier, childbirth was not made out to be "meaningful", and was a more "useful" thing for the parent -- help with work in the household and the fields and the trade.

    I think this is relevant too

  6. Shadow, cheers, man. Good luck if you go the movie! The last 15 minutes are kind of worth it, though.

    Srikant, thanks man! Very interesting articles. Hopefully the last stage of parental care in the pyschogenesis article will eventually be ultimate compassion: the parents decide not to procreate to spare the child!

  7. Karl,

    Only, they won't be "parents" any more. =)

  8. Lars Von Trier’s latest film Melancholia is a masterpiece!

  9. "...values that keep this horrible human life on the road", great words! couldn't agree more.

  10. "If the puppy could have thought in man fashion he would have epitomized life as voracious appetite and the world as a place where ranged a multitude of appetites, hunting and being hunted, pursuing and being pursued, eating and being eaten, all in blindness and confusion with violence and disorder, a chaos of gluttony and slaughter ruled over by chance plan less, endless and merciless."
    Jack London "White Fang"

  11. AS much as i love my friends and family,i wish this planet would be destroyed in an instant. Atleast we would all go together, and not watch each other suffer. Life is like a sick animal, that needs to be put out of its misery. Life is a reminder of all the things we will never have.If we didnt exist in the first place,we wouldnt have to experience suffering.

  12. ignorance is bliss. If that damn snake never tempted Adam and Eve we'd all be happy and ignorant. Unfortunately the more truth you learn the more evil you see in the world. I question is there even a balance of good and evil anymore? It seems as if the negatives are outweighing the positives.
    If you put your life on hold, no more distractions, football, tv, video games, just reading and learning.... not only would you be blown away but you would also appear crazy to your friends and family. That's when you really realize how brainwashed we have been for so many years by these super wealthy families, corporate elite companies, who's only goal is complete control of the world with every person in it. The only want obedient workers who are just smart enough to go to work, work the machines, do their jobs. For the majority of people do not even make enough money to buy a house and support a family. If you're a good obedient worker you're lucky to rent and small piece of land from the kings and queens, Zionist Jews, witch at their will can be taken back for no reason at all, because you don't even own the land your house sits on. By definition you are just a peasant. A subject, an asset for the elite to do with you as they please....