Friday, 16 September 2011


(This is something of a rant, as I haven’t the energy or the will to go digging out precise statistics. But I figure I’m probably preaching to the converted anyway, so why worry.)

Isn’t it perfectly plain to anyone who has even a marginal grasp on reality that the thing that is making human life gradually more and more meaningless and shitty is overpopulation? Obviously if you’re of an antinatalist disposition, any population is bad, but seeing as how people appear relentlessly determined/programmed to never stop breeding we can legitimately ask ourselves at what number does human existence in the mass really start to become hellish.

There appears to be a general mental block amongst the self-styled “intelligentsia” regarding overpopulation. Only rarely is it brought up, and then it is generally brushed aside. David Attenborough’s recent article on overpopulation in a popular British weekly comes to mind as the most current example. This is particularly ironic, as anyone who lives in or has visited the UK will tell you that its most striking feature is the sheer density of the population. London is a heaving mass of faceless humanity, with opportunities for peace and solitude few and far between; the Underground and the buses are almost always thronged to heaving (if you really want to feel your complete worthlessness, go on to a Tube at 5.30; you’ll soon be cured as to any notions of your “individuality”) and silence is rarer than the dodo.

In terms of energy resources the planet is unlikely to be capable of sustaining a population of 7+ billion for any great length of time. Predictions show that at current rates of reproduction, there may well be 10 billion people by 2050. What’s worse is that because of the ubiquity of trash tv all over the globe, most of those people will aspire to living what they perceive to be the gilded lives of those in Western Europe and the US. Standards and expectations will rise, and consequently egotism and selfishness along with it. As population grows and resources diminish we can expect to see the gradual withering away of social services, welfare, state education and utilities that is already clearly perceptible in Europe. Of course, there are those who welcome this in the name of “liberty” and “freedom”, but in my experience I’ve noted that those who decry the state the most are those with healthy private incomes, who are in no danger of being exposed to anything that would threaten their cosy lifestyles, so to hell with them. (Academics are particularly culpable in this regard. There are times when I think Pol Pot had the right idea when it came to the self-styled “intellectuals”.)

Self-declared Liberals love bashing the Catholic Church for its anti-contraception policy, which is certainly reasonable, but these same Liberals also bang on about human rights and the inalienable right of people to procreate and raise families (it’s even in the UN Declaration of Human Rights) so they’re hardly innocent either. In fact, given that in Europe at least, it’s the Liberal “intelligentsia” (surely one of the most horrible words in existence) that control the media they are no less culpable and deluded than anyone else.

In order for there to be any sense of dignity or freedom in this existence a person has to have a certain amount of space and time in which he or she can exist without being made feel like a termite. As countries become more and more crowded, as cities become bigger, uglier and more violent, and as the countryside is gradually eaten away by housing developments, we can be sure that individual freedoms will shrink ever more rapidly. This will inevitably lead to the degradation of quality of life with ever increasing tension and inevitable conflict. Lest anyone think I’m talking through my trumpet, the London riots this summer are only the start of what’s on the way, not only in the UK, but across the world.

Here endeth the rant.


  1. Hi Karl,

    Yeah, I know what you mean about being stuck in the underground at rush hour in London. One feels like little more than a caged animal amongst a multitude of other caged animals. Oh yeah, that's what we are. ;)

    I like John Gray also. His Straw Dogs is a masterpiece. Please refer to pages 12-15. 'Mankind' is in a heap of trouble this century as far as I can see. At least after my death 'my dna' will be well out of this insidious and sick game people call life.

    Derived Energy

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  3. Hi,DE. Good to see you here. I'm a fan of your videos. Yeah, Gray is one of the few who calls it like it is, which is why he is well hated amongst certain sections of the British intellectual establishment.

    Nice to know there's a couple of other antinatalists in the UK!

  4. Karl,

    Actually, the problem of overcrowding is so crystal clear, I'm surprised more people do not worry about it, even when they are pro-natalist. We live in cities that already crowded, lots of cars and pollution, people everywhere. Overpopulation is not that an argument for anti-birth in itself, because the world is bad enough despite being overcrowded, but it's certainly something to consider.

    About Ligotti's books - I appreciate the advice, and I had read earlier this year "My Work Is Not Yet Done". I have two books from him - this one and Teattro Grotesco. Both are very good.

    Keep the posts coming, man. I´ll see if I post something as well, soon.

    1. Sure, but urban air pollution was worse in the 70s even. Technology has helped to mitigate that.

  5. Cheers, Shadow. Good, as always, to hear from you. Yes, you'd think that even pro-lifers would worry about the effects of overcrowding on the lives of their children, but apparently not. For most people the issue is too much to consider as the implications are unthinkable. In the end, nature will find a way, I suppose, and it probably won't be pretty!

  6. If you are a true antinatalist, just kill yourself. Job done. Otherwise you are full of shit. You think the world is overpopulated, then put your money where your mouth is. Or maybe your life is mor precious than others. So weak. So pompous.

  7. Couldn't agree more, pal. Check out the "Are we Hypocrites?" entry I wrote subsequently.

  8. I'm not buying that per capita violence is increasing. Pinker is right.

    Quality of life? That's another matter. I deplore the loss of natural spaces and the freedom to do such things as light a camp or beach fire and the like.